Compulsory Purchase

Compulsory Purchase Compensation

Being purchased by CPO can be a daunting experience, regardless of whether it is your home or your business premises. The team at WT Gunson in Manchester are here to help. The principle of Compulsory Purchase is that the seller should be placed in the same position monetarily as if the CPO hadn’t happened. Claims are made up of both the value of the property and disturbance for your costs of relocation, or value of your business if relocation is not possible. We have many years of experience of submitting and negotiating compensation claims for both the claimant and the acquiring authority. We understand this complex area of the law, and can advise you on the process, maximise your compensation, and help with relocation if appropriate. We make sure your costs, including our fees, are paid by the acquiring authority.

Services include:

  • Negotiation of all aspects of compensation claims
  • Valuation advice on claims
  • Preparation and assessment of disturbance compensation claims
  • Assessment of business loss and associated claims
  • Briefing and advising on the compulsory purchase process
  • Objecting, if appropriate, to compulsory purchase orders
  • Representing client’s at Lands Tribunal.