Mediation Services

Mediation is a growing area which offers a quick and relatively inexpensive way of resolving disputes over traditional litigation. Around 80% of cases are settled at a one day mediation. A mediation settlement is agreed by the parties rather than imposed by the courts.

A skilled mediator can help the parties to settle the dispute by focusing on the issues that are important to them, finding common ground between the parties and taking the heat out of any dispute.

Dominic Stanger is a skilled mediator who has been praised for his “open and engaging style”. Dominic has experience of mediating a variety of different types of dispute and can advise as to the suitability of a dispute for mediation. As a surveyor mediator he is especially suited to property disputes, particularly in a landlord/tenant or neighbour scenario, where the parties will continue to deal with each other after the dispute has been settled. Our central Manchester offices provide a neutral venue for a full/half day mediation.

Dominic accepts appointments either directly or via the RICS Mediation Appointments Service :