Residential Block Management

Service Charge/Residential Block Management Services

We are a regulated firm of the RICS and follow the RICS service charge residential management code.

Successful management can only be achieved through cooperation and a mutual understanding of the procedures necessary for the effective management of property as well as of the problems that can arise.

All of our staff are experienced Chartered Surveyors or graduates with property related higher education qualifications. Our success is based on our employees being qualified and knowledgeable in all areas of property, leases and landlord and tenant legislation.

We pride ourselves on providing property management services at a competitive price enabling service charges to be kept at a minimum whilst providing the highest level of customer service.

For every instruction one of our Chartered Surveyors will undertake an initial property survey that will identify any issues with regard to:

  • The structure
  • Cosmetic requirements
  • Maintenance programmes
  • Running costs

We are a complete property management firm which can supply additional services to complement the successful running of a residential service charge development such as:

  • Insurance reinstatement valuations
  • Dilapidation surveys
  • Building surveying consultancy

Our role to arrange the highest quality services at an economic cost means that we only contract work to qualified contractors who have a proven track record and provide best value for money. Due to conflicts of interest in accordance with RICS guidance we do not have “in house” contractors and do not receive any financial gain from any of the contractors we use.